Essex glamping was born in 2017 and was an idea that quickly turned into a reality. Following a weekend stay away at a glamping site and experiencing something quite unique, we pondered the possibilities of running our own glamping or camping site.


So how hard can it be? How do you secure the land? Where does the funding come from? Will it work?  All the questions one would ask when setting up a new business, not to mention any working capital needed to cash flow the organisation at the start.


However, a bit of ingenuity and asking the right questions along with huge amounts of passion, we quickly set out our plan. Once we identified the main cost in the tents, we then considered other costs of fitting out, toilet solutions and planning. Very quickly our business plan came together and everything seem to make more sense, we had a plan and we knew where we wanted to go. Luckily enough, I have a very strong passion for business and was at senior level managing complex projects during my career and was able to use these skills, mainly “persuasion” to get us to where we are today. On top of that, Rachel had a strong passion for camping and knew exactly what the consumer needed. The next step was where, we had a plan but no land, we considered local farms, waste ground and even exisiting camp sites, but we wanted to develop a site that had great views, excellent activities and a landscape that provided our guests the opportunity to experience rural glamping and camping, immersing yourself with all that nature has to offer.


A number of weeks passed with us trying to identify potential sites and on a drive home from work,  I was passing through my home town of Hadleigh. I saw the Hadleigh Park sign, and this got me thinking, we had done our research, people wanted things to do, views were important, it had all the ingredients of a glamping site, could it be the one? The following day, I drove to the park and asked the question, and to my surprise, it was very well received! Within a few weeks coversations started to flow and a partnership was formed and its that partnership that now brings you Essex Glamping.   next, maybe even other UK destinations…

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