We are taking steps to be Covid secure, and whilst you are visiting us, we will be requesting that you comply with the rules.  Our mitigation strategy is as follows;

  • Toilet areas and shower areas are being cleaned more frequent by Essex County Council. When using the facilities with young children, we ask you to supervise them and ensure they are washing hands thoroughly. We ask you to use the main welfare facilities rather than the onsite chemical toilets.
  • We will not provide linen i.e.(sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases) Duvets and pillows are provided.
  • We are taking measures to spray beds, and soft furnishings with bacterial sprays as recommended.
  • We are undertaking 2 stage clean after each use of the tents.
  • We will be providing bacterial hand sanitizers in each tent
  • We will keep our portable toilets, however, we ask you only to use these at night in the event of emergency and use the main toilets and showers where applicable. The portable toilets will be locked down in the day.We have also provided a hand wash station by the toilets with relevant hand wash and bacterial gel.
  • We ask you to respect other users space, our tents are over 6 metres from each other and we ask you to social distance ensuring you are 2 metres apart from other park users and guests at all times.
  • On arrival we will of course take your luggage to your tent, however, we will not load or unload and we ask you to self check in. We will not mix luggage.
  • We ask you not to attend, if you have had and covid19 related symptoms in the last 14 days or been in contact with somebody that you know has the virus. In this event, your booking will be deferred.
  • We ask you not to allow dogs to run around the site, all dogs must be kept on a lead.
  • We will be sanitizing all tents after each use, and in order to carry out further cleaning each day check out will change from 11am to 10am
  • All our tents are well ventilated, but we ask you to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Generally most people do anyway whilst glamping/camping.
  • We are asking our guests to ensure they keep our premises clean, you will be provided with cleaning detergents for kitchen surfaces etc.


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