At Essex Glamping we want to make a positive impact in reducing our carbon footprint and benefitting the environment. Hadleigh Park is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Essex Glamping will do what we can to make a positive impact with our partners. 


Equally, Hadleigh Park has a number of resident wildlife and we want to protect their homes as well as making you comfortable in your temporary home.


Our promise is:

  • Support our partners with the delivery of the Hadleigh Park Ecological management delivery plan and support our partners in the protection of the habitat both for the wildlife and areas of grass land.
  • Continue to offer Rural Skills course with the opportunity to stay over and look to improve skills through offering apprenticeships programmes at the park.



  • Reduce Energy consumption by using solar power lighting and battery saving devices


  • Encourage the use of public transport links whilst at the park. Provide guests alternative transport links and reduce the use of cars, offering bike hire as part of their stay.


  • Energy has been used to make and transport every item that we buy. By reducing the amount we consume, or buying second-hand, we can reduce our carbon footprint. We will always try to repair things rather than replace them, and give away or sell things we no longer need. We also make a commitment to procure locally further reducing transport use.


  • We will only use composting toilets as opposed to main drains toilets, the benefits are endless. They save water, turn waste into nutrients, saves money and reduce energy.


  • We encourage donations from our guests so that we can further support conservation work at the park, you can donate on-line at the time of booking or we provide envelopes in our welcome pack. All donations will be re-invested into conservation at Hadleigh Park which goes a long way to support the parks wildlife and ecological plan.  




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