Camping is a tradition for many, complete with the tent, cooking by the campfire and, well, no indoor plumbing. If you don’t like the “roughing” it part, then Glamping is for you!


What is Glamping? Glamping is camping for people who don’t want to camp. It’s camping for people who normally would stay in a Hilton or Marriott,


Essex Glamping is brought to you by RW Leisure & Glamping Limited, offering four luxury tents complete with all the comforts of home. That means no more sleeping bags; instead, comfy beds, cooking facilities, nice decked verandas, and comfy furniture.


For many, the experience is unlike anything they have ever heard of before.


Over the past years, Glamping sites have seen significant growth and glamping goes really well with our current need to have unique experiences that fit our reduced budgets and increased environmental principles: to buy locally and economically while reducing our carbon footprint. This has been helped by an increase in overall UK staycations, a result of expensive overseas holidays


Glamping provides a perfect mix of conditions that “…encouraged many to travel domestically, to make trips to campsites or holiday parks near the coast or in the British countryside, rather than forgoing a holiday altogether.” The growth within the sector has been supported by the expansion of glamping sites, luxury campsites that offer modern facilities and services, such as Wi-Fi, and aimed at higher income customers who may not normally camp.


The Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism found that the outdoor hospitality industry had shown “…stellar performance during the recent global financial slowdown”. Analysis of The Camping and Caravanning Club’s own members also noted an increase in families holidaying in yurts, pods and other forms of glamping. In addition, figures from the National Caravan Council showed an increase in bookings of caravan and camping holidays, attributing this to the rise in the popularity of glamping


It is evident that the term ‘camping’ has strong seasonal fluctuations and is on a very gradual decline. This demonstrates, which in turn can indicate a change of behavior however, when we study the term ‘glamping’ we discover that it is performing extremely well by growing rapidly on a strong incremental line, while still demonstrating seasonal fluctuations.




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